We are always looking to expand the range of languages we offer in response to changes in demand from students.
Tutors must have relevant qualifications and experience.

In particular, we would be very interested to hear from tutors in the following languages:

Spanish (for adults and/or children)

Italian (for adults and/or children)

Latin               French

Dutch            Modern Hebrew    

Farsi               Arabic

Korean           Portuguese

Punjabi           Hindi

Swedish         Danish

The centre maintains a pool of tutors which we can draw upon according to demand. Tutors are invited to become members of the co-operative after a qualifying period of teaching through the Centre. The co-operative structure requires that all tutors are self-employed.

If you would like to be considered for the pool of tutors at the Centre, please contact us. We welcome CVs 'on spec' but we cannot guarantee work in any of the languages advertised above, even once you are accepted. In many cases the demand is for no more than a few hours tuition a week. On the other hand, over a period of time it is possible to build up a portfolio of classes consisting of enthusiastic students who return to study year after year.